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Emilie, These were only moments in time, but each image is so powerful that I, as only an observer, feel that I too was there. Your ability to capture the LIGHT as well as the emotion is awesome. Suzanne Kish

Dear Emilie,It has been such a pleasure working with you. You excell in your art.The pictures capture the moment in time of Jana and Ryan's wedding day.Thank you.Sincerely,Jane Atkins

Emilie,Thank you soooo much! We enjoyed having were terrific and if you ever need a letter or reference we would be happy to extend our comments.We cannot wait to see the proofs! I am so glad we decided to have you stay and photograph the party too! It is a once in a lifetime time and it will be nice to have photographs to look back upon. Again, many thanks. You were professional, personable and so easy to work with! Ruth

Hi Emilie!Those pictures are wonderful!! I can't wait to see the rest of them. My friends and family just sang your praises! They loved you! Thank you for everything!!Thank you so much for the preview! We love it! It was perfect timing since we had Thanksgiving at our house so a lot of our family was able to see them too! A nice addition to the holiday!Hope you had a wonderful holiday and we look forward to seeing the rest of your wonderful work! Tanya

Hi Emilie! From our wedding to our pregnancy you've been a part of our lives. Thank you for your beautiful work and for being such a dear friend! Love, Christine, Jason and now our beautiful baby girl, Jocelyn.

Emilie, These are great. Thanks for being a great teacher and sharing your knowledge with all of us.NZ64

We choose Emilie Knight to be our wedding photographer after a long search of local photographers. Her work stood out from all the rest. She has the unique ability to capture special people & special moments in time that are so precious to a bride & groom. She is a professional photographer who truly works with passion which is evident in the finished product. In the end, we have the most beautiful images captured of our engagement, bridal portrait, as well as our wedding day. Emilie not only met but exceeded our expectations & we are proud to call her not only our favorite photographer but also now our friend. Sarah & Robert Panciera

Thank you, Emilie!! My mom found the site and was able to tell me. This is wonderful so all my family and friends can see my pictures! Thank you so much! You were wonderful on that stressful day. No other photographer could have been as great! All my friends are envious of my wedding pictures and plan to hire you for all their weddings. Thank you again, Rebekah Weed

Emilie, you have worked your magic again! Thanks for taking a simple wedding in a functional church building and making it gorgegous! We LOVE you and your work! We are all looking forward to doing some family pictures with you soon! Take Care, Annie Meade (sister of the Bride)

Today I visited Hart's Square for the first time and am now obsessed with that place and going back in October for the festival! Your pictures truly capture the essense of that place...thank you for sharing your vision.Kristy

Emilie - You are a true artist. Every time I look at the pictures you took of Sarah and Mat's wedding I get to relive the entire day. You caught every emotion. What a wonderful gift you are to all of us. You're not just technically astute. You have an eye for every last detail. The final quality is unsurpassed. Thank you more than I can ever say. Mikie & Dave Marr (Parents)

I first met Emilie in the photography lab in college in 1977. Photography was new to her at that time, but she had a passion for it. We became good friends and even did a lot of our first real photo jobs together. After 4-5 years we drifted apart and lost touch. She obviously went on with photography. I ended up owning a printing company. That was a very, very long time ago. In late 2007 I discovered her website, not having any idea if she was even on God's green earth anymore. I was astounded at this woman's work. Being a printer for so long I had become insufferably bored with printing with most of what I see out there. Emilie Knight's work still shows that passion I remember from years ago. She has a straight-shooting style with the uncanny ability to do "creativity" in a truly original way. She's not a copycat with that inbred "arts and coffeehouse" style. Her work seems to convey that she's aware of the customer's occasion. It is apparent that her client's day she is documenting is more important than making some sort of self-serving portfolio out of it. She simply does what she does best. And as a consequence, her work is so far above and away from other photographers, there's no question as to the greatness of this professional. Sincerely, HT Finley IIIEmail:,Phone: (704) 624- 9372

Thanks so much. Your pictures have warmed my heart like an afternoon tea."Barb

Emilie,LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures of Brian and Noelle on your website!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! Can't wait to share the link with our family in TX and IL that weren't able to come to the wedding! Appreciate all your hard work so very much!Thanks for capturing the joy and beauty of Brian & Noelle's special day! You are AWESOME!Regards,Pattial

Hi Emilie!I just wanted to say that I really really enjoyed the two classes I took with you, Intro and Portrait. I can't believe it took so long for me to chase my passion and you really helped me realize how much I truly love photography. I am almost done building my portfolio and my website is almost complete so I will send you a link when I get it up and running. I've already started reading about the business side of things and found a lighting class to take once I get to NYC. I know this is what I will be doing after I finish my job at the bank and I owe you a BIG THANKS for helping rekindle my passion for this art. I can't tell you how much happier I am now because I have something that to look forward to every day when I come hope from photos!!! I've already connected with some photography groups in NYC so I can get to know more people in the business when I get there and I found a mentor in Charlotte while I'm here. You are an awesome teacher. Please never stop inspiring people the way you do. You are awesome and there needs to be more people out there like you!!! You were always willing to help and were so patient with all of our questions and confusion. I definitely got a lot out of your classes and wish I were in Charlotte longer to take more!! I will definitely keep you posted on how things are going. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!:)Brittany Salayonial Text

EMILIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! They are PERFECT!!!! WOW! We are so pleased! Thank you, thank you! I knew you were phenomenal, but OMG!!!! You captured the love and then some!!! I cried and cried when I watched the slide show. Revaey and I just watched it together (She's in Raleigh, I'm in Waxhaw) and we both cried!!! We can't thank you enough! Girl, even Grady is very, very pleased and he ain't an easy one to please :-)Again, Emilie! You're the're the greatest! Love you!Elli

Trisha TubbySeptember 15, 2010 at 12:56amSubject: BEAUTIFULHey Emilie. I just wanted to say again that I LOVE the recent wedding photos you shared. I REALLY get a "feel" for the wedding and the closeness of the family just looking thru them. You are so gifted. Not just with the camera. I feel anyone can learn the techy stuff. You, on the other hand, have mastered the ability to not just "see" what you are photographing, but "feel" what you are seeing. Anyway, just my humble opinion.Thank you for sharing. Trish

I want to thank Emilie for such great instruction! Emilie as I told you before, this has just brought so much into my life. Its been a blast!Thank you again for such dedication to what you love.

To whom it may concern;My name is George Rice, I am a 41 year old who recently took the class, Intro to Digital SLR Photography. Simply put, I was amazed at what I learned. I seriously thought that this class would be a rush and push class with the basics and the student do the rest. Well, I was wrong and pleasantly surprised. To say the least, this class was a step above any class I have taken and anything I have learned from Google searches. For many years I would youtube something about photography I wanted to know. Though they were helpful, it still left many questions unanswered and unexplained. What Emilie’s class did for not just me but my wife and I is beyond comprehension. Emilie taught in a way I have not seen in a very long time…with passion and love for the art of capturing an image. My wife and I see things together now instead of apart. As ironic as it might sound…Emilie gave me apart of my marriage back that had been missing. She will always hold special place in our hearts. See, Emilie’s class is not just about taking a picture, its about how to see the picture, how to feel it, how to embrace it before you take it, and how to develop an eye for that perfect shot, that money shot, that everlasting perfect photograph. I cannot thank the Light factory enough for having someone like Emilie teach on such the level she teaches at. Her knowledge and explanation is beyond common knowledge. She teaches from the heart and you can tell she has a passion for what she does, not just in her work but her tone and actions. I have never met anyone so eager to share what they know without delay. She is a truly gifted and talented lady. She surely must be an asset to the Light Factory family. I will recommend her and the Light Factory to all my colleagues. Thank you for your time and God bless.With Great PleasureGeorge L Rice.xt

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